Spray Foam Insulation

Cassidy Painting offers one of the most effective insulation options for your building: spray foam insulation.

This insulation is long-lasting, sturdy, and can potentially save you money on energy bills by protecting your building from the cold and moisture in the winter, and heat in the summer.

When applied, spray foam insulation quickly expands and hardens, allowing it to fill small cracks and crevices that normal fiberglass insulation can’t reach. This creates an air & watertight seal throughout your building’s walls.

Additionally, spray foam insulation is more dense, meaning it can increase the sturdiness of your walls and minimize noise better than other insulation types.

No matter the project, our team is always ready to provide customers with exceptional service.

For more information on the benefits of spray foam insulation, or to receive an estimate, contact us online or call to speak to an experienced team member at 302-326-2412.