sealed concrete & polished floors

Cassidy Painting knows that sometimes simplicity is best when it comes to flooring.

If you don’t want to fully cover your concrete floor with epoxy paint, Cassidy’s flooring experts can apply a sealant to your concrete floor for a more natural, exposed concrete look. Affordable and durable, our sealing services keep your flooring looking its best, while also protecting it from stains, grease, oil, and any other messes that may occur.

Want more? Take the next step and let Cassidy’s flooring experts polish your newly sealed flooring to create a sleek, reflective surface that brightens any workspace. High polishing will increase slip resistance, creating an environment that’s not only practical and safe, but aesthetically pleasing as well. Non-slip additives can also be introduced to any flooring system upon request.

No matter the project, our team is always ready to provide customers with exceptional service.

For more information on flooring options, or to receive an estimate, contact us online or call to speak to an experienced team member at 302-326-2412.