Whether on the road or at a job site, the vehicles you use are the face of your company and have the potential to attract new customers.

At Cassidy Painting we specialize in refinishing of all vehicles- from cars and vans to industrial fleet vehicles, we’ve got you covered.

Want to make your fleet look more uniform and stand out?

Cassidy’s team of automotive paint experts can give your fleet the facelift it deserves, whether it’s a simple color change or complete makeover.

Cassidy Painting takes pride in its work, and every vehicle that comes to our site for refinishing is guaranteed to come out reflecting the dedication and hard work that our team puts into your fleet vehicles every day.

No matter the project, our team is always ready to provide customers with exceptional service.

For more information on how Cassidy can help protect your next big project, additional information on fireproofing options, and estimates, contact us online or call to speak to an experienced team member at 302-326-2412.